1. Apparently not all glassware can be heated! Go figure! #itexploded #icouldhavebeenshanked #food


  2. Salmon Bake

    I just got back from the “Great Alaskan Salmon Bake” for the first time. It’s a prime tourist trap, but also acceptable for locals to load up on awesome seafood there. My aunt gave us 5 free vouchers for all-you-can-eat king crab, prime rib, fried cod, and baked salmon. They also have a salad bar, drinks, and a coffee and dessert cabin.

    I’ve been here my whole life and I have to say that was the best meal I’ve ever had, and I’m also a little pissed my parents (dad) never coughed up the cash to just take the family here once. Here’s just a sample of my brother’s half-eaten plate…

    Anywho, just thought I’d brag a little bit about the awesome seafood we have up here. carry on. 


  3. Today is…

    an “I LOVE ANIMALS AND FOOD” (but not animals as food) type of day. Tumblr sure helps to feed this love. Also, in 45 minutes there will be PUPPIES and POPSICLES at the library. Go Lila D. Bunch!


  4. Chocolate + Tea

    I am savoring the last bit of Theo Chocolate from Christmas, and just got a very yummy Coconut Chai Green Tea at the store today. Click the pictures to go to their websites (apparently only works if you’re on my page).

    Unfortunately, you can only get Theo online or in the Northwest/Alaska. The tea however, I got at Kroger (Green Hills, mind you. You have to keep in mind your demographics when looking for organic things :/ )!


  5. FOOD

    Some days I could just eat everything in sight. Today is one of those days. I even craved SODA. wtf is wrong with me? I never want soda. Certainly not enough to scrounge through my change for it.

    Lord help me before I gain a sophomore seventy. …or 5…or whatever. I’d rather not gain any weight is what I’m getting at here.


  6. put de ice in da coconuts

    Just tried coconut “ice cream” for the first time. It was light, creamy, and a little awkward at first. But I like it! It’s a beeet expensive though, so it probably won’t be making much of an appearance in my mini-freezer.