1. So many Belmont newbies on Tumblr

    I remember being so fxing scared and excited to start college. For all of you headed to orientation soon, just remember you don’t have to be forever friends with the people you meet there (when school starts, at least). But making quick buddies will make you feel a little better in the fall when you arrive for good. 

    In a few weeks I’m going to post a guide of sorts that I’ve written up on Belmont “hacks” that I’ve learned over the years. 

    It’s so weird that I have only one semester left and I’m so ready to graduate. 


  2. Bongo Java seriously tastes so much better when they’re not busy. They take the time to make the coffee properly and it’s so delicious. Just thought I’d share a coffee-buying tip.


  3. As I’m checking out the Belmont tag

    I see all these kids getting like $9,000 scholarships from Belmont. 

    wtf, mate?
    Belmont is notoriously stingy on their in-house scholarship money, so these little shits better be grateful for that. I got some grants and private scholarships for my first year, but I definitely did not get $9,000 from Belmont a year. Be thankful, young ones. 

    I’ll be glad to be done with it all by December!


  4. cramanda143:

    People keep asking, “Soooo how was your break?”

    These images come to my mind. How do I explain ice fog, -40, and limited sunlight to those who have never experienced it.

    It’s cold and so dry my face turned into one big dry patch of eczema.

    Also I loved it.

    Also also I like how everybody goes about their day in this weather.

    what they said^^

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  5. Feelin’ hibbity hip in my #theta sweater #hipstersoroity #belmont


  6. I think thirsty Thursday happened early for this copyright class. #slayer #belmont


  7. I don’t want to leave

    I know I’ll be distracted and busy right when I get back to school, but man it sucks leaving Jon and my family each time. Most people go to college and start a life there, but I finally started a life here and then left.
    I am weird. And I don’t even think I like my degree anymore. 


  8. Maple is now Potter?

    yikes! Patton and Potter…. 


  9. Last BFF sesh for a year! :’/ (Taken with instagram)


  10. Today is…

    an “I LOVE ANIMALS AND FOOD” (but not animals as food) type of day. Tumblr sure helps to feed this love. Also, in 45 minutes there will be PUPPIES and POPSICLES at the library. Go Lila D. Bunch!


  11. Sweet Victory

    I got all of my classes that I anticipated getting! whoop! This is kind of a big deal at Belmont, sooo….be impressed.


  12. A Freakishly Talented Spanish Class

    Well, school as a whole.

    Today I realized a kid who I’ve been in a Spanish class with all year is in a band I’ve listened to quite a bit. Obviously I’m not like a super-fan, but I definitely like their music and they’re on Come&Live! I feel like I should probably say something, but don’t want to be supa creepster. They’re called Great Awakening if you feel so compelled to check them out. And because they’re on Come&Live!, their muzak is freezy.

    Also, the girl who did those holiday Hyundai commercials is in the same class. She is also unaware of my knowledge.

    I’ll probably continue to be in awe of how these people juggle school and super awesome careers at once. Much props, dogs.



  13. Priorities

    So you would think the second half of the semester should start off pretty slow, right? New chapters, etc. No. It seems as if all of the Belmont faculty got the same memo to teach us everything we need to know for a test, and then decide to wait ten days to give it to us. Either that, or give us the break to forget about our papers which are due this week.

    So here I am, more concerned about when I’ll have time to wax my atrociously overgrown eyebrows than how my Spanish composition will turn out.

    Priorities, shmriorities.

    ^this seemed oddly appropriate.


  14. braggadociosboy:

    The Lonely Biscuits - That Sunset

    I was literally just watching one of their videos with my roommate. Mad props…these dudes have talent…(and apparently a keen sense of what it was like to dress as a member of the Dogtown Skate Team.)


  15. Best Seminar Ever

    Just listened to Ken Scott, a dude that produced multiple Beatles albums in Abbey Road. He got his first gig at EMI in England when he was 16, all by writing a letter.

    My friend asked if Yoko really broke up the Beatles, and he informed us that “she was crazy, but perfect for John…it wasn’t Linda, it wasn’t Yoko (that broke them up).”

    He’s the dude with the cigarette:

    It’s moments like these that I absolutely love my school and am so stoked to have these opportunities.